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1992 / Present


Gotthard, a hard-rock band from Lugano in the Italian part of Switzerland and Bern in the German part, was founded in 1990 by mentor and co songwriter Chris von Rohr, best known as Krokus' bass player. Gotthard is definitely one of the most famous and successful Swiss artists ever and almost every album has topped the Swiss charts since 1990.

With 2 million albums sold (1 million of which were sold in Switzerland, which only has 7 million habitants), they managed to get multi-platinum awards in different parts of the world.

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Marc Lynn
since 1990 Bass
Leo Leoni
since 1990 Electric guitar
Hena Habegger
since 1991 till 2021 Drum set
Steve Lee
since 1990 till 2010 Lead vocal
Nic Maeder
since 2011 Lead vocal, Electric guitar
Freddy Scherer
since 2004 Electric guitar
Mandy Meyer
since 1996 till 2004 Guitar
Jgor Gianola
since 1993 till 1995 Electric guitar
Daniel Löble
since 2017 till 2017 Drum set

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Мы долго этого ждали! У всех планы не совпадали и наконец-то
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