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Pyx Lax (Greek: Πυξ Λαξ) were a Greek rock/folk rock band formed in Athens, Greece in 1989 and consisting of the following band members: Φίλιππος Πλιάτσικας (Filippos Pliatsikas), Μπάμπης Στόκας (Mpampis Stokas), and Μάνος Ξυδούς (Manos Xydous).

They are childhood friends, growing up together in the narrow streets of the Western part of Athens. Their songs focus on living in lower-class inner-city areas. Perhaps they feel homesick. Their childhood is marked by the poverty of people living next door and their music has been influenced by the revolutionary passion of their neighbours. They know well that resistance, the ultimate fortress against degenerative one-way lives, lies in these inner-city neighbourhoods, in villages and small towns. Places where a hand shake is still meaningful and not a mere formality.

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