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1971 / Present


Locomotiv GT (LGT) was formed in Budapest, Hungary in the 1971. Having arrived from front-rank Hungarian pop groups, the four founding members of the band (Gábor Presser, Károly Frenreisz, Tamás Barta and József Laux) shared a desire for a more sophisticated sound and and an intention to search for new musical paths.

Several member changes resulted in the final line-up of LGT by 1977: Gábor Presser, Tamás Somló, János Karácsony and János Solti. Till the late 1980’s the group recorded ten LPs on the local Hungarian scene as well as several albums in English, numerous soundtracks and a few musical plays. This number was at least doubled by LGT projects and productions for Zorán, Klári Katona, Kati Kovács, Sándor Révész and other Hungarian pop singers of formidable popularity. The ability and recognition of LGT is nicely illustrated by the band always having been considered a “musicians’ partnership” in professional circles.

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Presser Gábor
since 1971 till 2016 Keyboard, Lead vocal
Somló Tamás
since 1973 till 2016 Bass
Karácsony János
since 1974 till 2016 Electric guitar
József Laux
since 1971 till 1976 Drum set
Barta Tamás
since 1971 till 1974 Electric guitar
Frenreisz Károly
since 1971 till 1973 Bass

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