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The Clash were a punk rock band from London, England, United Kingdom, active from 1976 to 1985. One of the most successful and iconic bands from the first wave of punk in the 70s, they incorporated rock and roll, reggae, rockabilly, and eventually many other music styles into their repertoire. They were legendary for their uncommonly intense stage performances.

From their earliest days as a band, The Clash stood apart from their peers with their musicianship as well as their lyrics, the passionate, left-wing political idealism in the lyrics by frontman Joe Strummer and guitarist Mick Jones contrasting with the lyrical nihilism of the Sex Pistols and the musical minimalism of the Ramones. Their 1979 album 'London Calling' is considered by critics as one of the greatest albums in the history of rock music. Rolling Stone declared it the best album of the 80s, even though it was released near the end of 1979 at first (technically, Jan 1980, in the United States).

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Joe Strummer
since 1976 till 1986 Unknown
Paul Simonon
since 1976 till 1986 Unknown
Mick Jones
since 1976 till 1983 Unknown
Topper Headon
since 1977 till 1982 Unknown
Nick Sheppard
since 1983 till 1986 Guitar
Pete Howard
since 1983 till 1985 Unknown
Terry Chimes
since 1976 till 1977 Unknown
since 1982 till 1983 Unknown

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