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Fear Factory is an American industrial metal band that from Los Angeles that formed in 1989. Over the course of their career they have evolved from a succession of styles, combining death metal, groove metal, thrash metal, with industrial metal. Fear Factory proved to be enormously influential on the metal scene in the mid- to late-1990s. The band disbanded in March 2002 following some internal disputes, but reformed later in 2002 without founding member Dino Cazares, adding bassist Byron Stroud, and casting then-bassist Christian Olde Wolbers as guitarist.

In April 2009, a new lineup was announced with Cazares returning and Gene Hoglan as drummer. Bell and Stroud are both reprising their respective roles, and the band completed a seventh studio album entitled Mechanize. Former members Christian Olde Wolbers and Raymond Herrera (both currently playing in Arkaea) dispute the legitimacy of the new lineup, and a legal battle is underway from both parties. The band has performed at three Ozzfests as well as the inaugural Gigantour and has had singles in the US Mainstream Rock Top 40 and albums in the Billboard Top 40, 100, and 200. The band has sold more than 1 million albums in the US alone.

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Burton C. Bell
since 1989 till 2020 Lead vocal
Raymond Herrera
since 1989 till 2009 Percussion, Drum set
Rhys Fulber
since 1993 till 2004 Sampler, Keyboard
since 2009 Sampler, Keyboard
Dino Cazares
since 1989 till 2002 Background vocals, Guitar
since 2009 Background vocals, Guitar
Christian Olde Wolbers
since 1993 till 2002 Background vocals, Bass
since 2003 till 2009 Background vocals, Guitar
Matt DeVries
since 2012 Bass
Mike Heller
since 2012 Drum set
Tony Campos
since 2015 Bass
Byron Stroud
since 2003 till 2012 Bass
Reynor Diego
since 1991 till 1995 Keyboard, Sampler
John Bechdel
since 1998 till 2004 Keyboard
Dave Gibney
since 1989 till 1991 Bass
Gene Hoglan
since 2009 till 2012 Drum set
Andy Romero
since 1991 till 1992 Bass
Steve Tushar
since 1996 till 1997 Keyboard
Andrew Shives
since 1992 till 1993 Bass
Milo Silvestro
since 2023 Lead vocal
John Morgan
since 1997 till 1997 Keyboard

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