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United Kingdom
29 Dec 1947 — 05 Apr 1998


Colin Flooks (December 29, 1947 - April 5, 1998), better known as Cozy Powell, was an English rock drummer.

Born in Cirencester, Powell started his musical career with The Sorcerers in 1965. In 1971 he joined the Jeff Beck group for two albums, before going solo then forming Bedlam. His solo single Dance With The Devil reached third place in the UK charts in 1973. Two other top 20 singles followed, as Cozy Powell's Hammer. The following year, Cozy made headlines when he appeared on the BBC children's programme Record Breakers where he set a world record for being the world's fastest drummer live on television.

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Member of

since 1975 till 1980 Unknown
Black Sabbath
since 1989 till 1991 Drum set
since 1993 till 1995 Drum set
since 1983 till 1985 Drum set
Jeff Beck Group
since 1970 till 1972 Drum set

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